In the last few decades, the definition of “a good neighbor” has changed.

A good neighbor used to be someone who volunteered to take care of your dog while you were on vacation. Now a good neighbor is someone who doesn’t let her dog poo in your yard.

That’s a load of poo. And it bothers me.

We’ve drastically lowered the bar.

We used to know, care for, and enjoy our neighbors. Now we think we’re something special if our neighbors have never called the cops on us. What has really happened is that we’ve redefined passive neighboring as good neighboring. You can read more about my thoughts on that: Being A Good Neighbor Is A Bad Idea.

I’m Eric McCarty. I’m a regular dude (a digital marketer by trade).

My wife, three daughters, and I have lived in the HEANA North neighborhood of Johnson City, TN for almost two decades.  I enjoy neighboring and want to help others enjoy neighboring as well.

Actually, it goes further than enjoyment. I feel like it’s a calling. Numerous reports have shown the broader benefits to society when our neighborhoods are stronger.

I’m not alone. There are a lot of new books, social tools, and online resources¬†devoted to neighboring which have materialized over the last five years.

This site is an effort to organize those resources as well as some of my own thoughts and experiences, and to share the stories of others who have discovered the joy of neighboring.

Let’s scoop up that load of poo our society calls being “a good neighbor” and toss it in the trash.

We can do better. Thus, the title of this site.

Better Neighboring.

Roof Sledding at The McCartys

Roof Sledding at The McCartys – Christmas, 2014 (Yes, we used photoshop)

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