One of the hardest things about Winter is not seeing your friends in the neighborhood. Let’s fix that.

When it comes to neighborhood activities, you not only need to consider how to do it, but where to do it. The answer is “out front”.

Why You Should Have Activities Out Front

You can always invite your neighbors into the back yard, but they’ll be more likely to feel comfortable in the front or side yard. If you have activities in the back yard, your neighbors may feel like you’re inviting them out of obligation. If you intentionally have activities out front, your neighbors will see that as an “everybody’s welcome” invitation.

The ice rink or igloo will also be more visible out front, which will encourage neighbors to take part when they drive down the street.

There are lots of great articles there on how to DIY rink or igloo, so I won’t repeat them here. But I will save you from the trouble of typing the searches into Google by linking to the results pages here:

You may want to consider posting a sign out front with a notice about your expectations on usage. “Welcome, neighbors, anytime!” or “The ice rink will be open for all neighbors on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.”

Interviews With Neighbors Who Have Built Their Own

There have been a few news pieces recently with interviews of folks who have built their own ice rink or igloo and invited the neighborhood to join in.

Chris Lequire of Old Lyme, CT built a 10-foot igloo for the neighbors.

Neighborhood Igloo

Chris Cartlett built a neighborhood ice rink in Corryton, TN.

Neighborhood Ice rink

Ryan Guntling built an ice rink in his back yard for neighbors in Staunton, VA.

Neighborhood Ice Rink

Here’s another Winter Neighboring Tip: Scrape Frozen Car Windows


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