Tom Hanks To Star In Neighboring Movie

Tom Hanks is set to star in an upcoming movie about neighboring - A Man Called Ove. Pronounced "oovay." The international-best-selling novel was turned into a Swedish movie in 2015. I watched the English subtitled version on Amazon Prime a few...

Build A Neighborhood Ice Rink or Igloo: Winter Neighboring Tip

One of the hardest things about Winter is not seeing your friends in the neighborhood. Let's fix that. When it comes to neighborhood activities, you not only need to consider how to do it, but where to do it. The answer is "out front". Why You...

Facebook Groups vs Nextdoor: Which Platform Is Right For You?

This post compares the full feature set for both Facebook Groups and Nextdoor and outlines some of the major differences and considerations for making your choice.

Neighbors In The News In 2017: The Good, The Bad, The Bizarre

21 news stories from 2017 which will make you proud and ashamed to call yourself human. Includes stories about a snake in a toilet and a neighbor tackling a US Senator while mowing his lawn.

How To Show Appreciation For The Mail Carrier: Your Part-Time Neighbor

I used to deliver mail and I’m going to give you some insider views into the life of a carrier.  And I’ll share a few tips about what you can do to make life better for this sometimes-invisible neighbor.

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